Saturday, October 06, 2007

A few rants

Today the weather wasn't exactly the thing for lying at the pool and sunbathing so we ventured to Anzio. yesterday I spotted a church on the hill and mom read something about the British cemetery here so we had something to explore.
The Italian cemeteries are lavish. People apparently take the dead as a part of the family and wherever you go, there will be fresh flowwers (and plastic flowers and potted flowers and in case of dead children some plush animals) and people bringing flowers or coming to check how Granny is (or what the hell). Due to some commplicated family circumstances we have no family graves.* We thus sometimes just vent our sentiment.
There was the British cemetery next door Mom wanted to see. I expected something like the Florentine Cimitero dei Inglesi from the 19th century where the British expats lured by climate and what the hell they liked in Florence rest (now the cemetery is just in the middle of the road and it's cute. I lived like three blocks away) but it was just a plain war cemetery.
The Czechs are a weird nation. We have no heroes and if they happen by some accident, we try to find a way how to ridicule them or we get rid of them. As for wars, there are no decent, if not heroic, victories for a few hundred years. There are even no proper heroic losses since 1620 and even this one is ridiculed as not being lost by proper Czechs but by some German mercenaries. Considering the WWII, the British fought like devils. There were pretty many Czechoslovak guys in the Royal Air Force, for example and when they came back to the country after the war, the government did their best to get rid of them. Literally, sending them to holiday camps in uranium mines and the like. The Finns, for example, bravely lost and it seems to me that with almost anyone, when we keep talking for a while, we end up cursing Russians** and talking about Winter War. The Czechso happily lived in the German Protectorate.... It's a historical fact that the German police had to ask for some extra personnel from Berlin to sort out all the denunciations that flowed in after the occupation. Yuck, do you understand why I'm not particularly attached to my country?
Well, the British cemetery is a war cemetery. Someone takes care that it is well kept. And maybe if kids were taken to places like that and asked to count that if there are x rows by y graves, and let's say that everybody had five relatives, how many people were pissed off? and maybe there would be less nazis and other idiots.
*My grandma let her mother be burned and the ashes thrown away because it was cheaper and easier than setting a nice grave, for example. My mom's side... well, everybody argued with everybody and there are recorded cases of for example brother and sister living next door and not talking to each other for fifty years because his chicken ate her lettuce or vice versa so I really do not know many of those relatives, nor their graves although they have them somewhere. So, complicated circumstances be read Due to general idiocy.
**The Czechoslovaks had some issues with them, you know. In 1968, google it.