Friday, October 05, 2007

A casa..... quasi.

I'm in Anzio, some 50km off Rome.
The Florentine racist talk about the damn southerners was partially true. The people talk way too much, it's considerably messier than up north.... but it's Italy.
The first thing that happened was a police guy at the passport control. At the control booth. Another policeman was standing there and they were chatting regardless that there was only one desk for EU nationals and a nice long queue. It was a warm welcome.
My mom is always nervous. There's a lot of traffic and the drivers do not give way to pedestrians just like up North (well, the Czech drivers are awful and vile, compared with them, Italy is a pedestrian's paradies), you just have to walk in the street. Mommy is usually freaked out, making scared sounds when I just go my way. She is annoyed when the waiter asks whether everything is okay because it's none of his business how we feel. And I'm pissed off because she's ruining my holiday mood.
As for the future sweater, I haven't knitted a stitch and I'll have to, I said that I can make a sweater in ten days and Mom just grinned that I can use up two balls maximum. And, I shunned the blue and gray angora and decided to combine the camel, another angora and yellow alpaca with green and scarlet (dyed that on Wednesday morning).
Otherwise the usual stuff. Something fails when I'm abroad, this time it's the internet connection. I maile dthe provider and I hope they do something soon, after all I pay dear money for it. People are mailing me about the volunteers' stuff and I cannot answer on the spot as when I was hooked on the line all day long so I just hope everything works out without me.
Off to get drunk.