Thursday, September 27, 2007

And now on something totally different.

Totally different, not just different art history or different yarn.
We have this minority minority * radio station. There's culture, you know. Real culture, no pop-culture. Books, opera, concerts, smart talks and the like.
St home I never listen to any other radio station. No need to, after all. I'm a simple girl and I'm happy enough with lots of classical music or radio plays. Of course I listen to music on cds. I een got this smart cable that connects my computer with the speakers because the sounds get somewhat... awful when performed by the computer speakers and I'm not deaf.
Anyhow, there's some sort of music festival going on and yesterday there was a concert of some mariachi band (I'll check for the name, I don't want to write crap) accompanied by the Radio Orchestra. In the poshest concert hall in this city and the people were clapping and thumping and screaming. I regretted that I couldn't see it. Anyhow, it was damn cool. I have hardly any music education but I can recognize good stuff.
So, again, I discovered a whole field of music of which I hadn't had any idea before. Being an intellectual snob has its strong points.
Such as this.
*italianism. Words are doubled to stress the meaning. I like it. Stupid and effective, almost like me.