Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I've already been to the North. Thus, on Thursday I'm flying off to Rome and then back via Firenze.
We planned to have some sort of family holiday with my parents* and there was lots of arguing about when and where and why and whatever, Dad has his extremely important car races and he had a minor car crash and needed to get his car fixed - he refused to go in the BMW because it kills his back and it's a M3, the back seat is good enough if you are not over 150 cm and 45 kilos, otherwise you are sorta squeezed in. And fixing the Audi will take some time.
I guess parents had some sort of argument, Mom called (or rather skyped, halleluja, she learned how to use the skype chat) that I go now and get two tickets to Rome for Thursday. I did so Thursday 0700 we fly off. Dad will join us a week later.
The thing is, as I already mentioned, my Mom strongly dislikes my knitting. I have a huge stash of which a good part is lovely and expensive yarn. And she is no idiot and I don't feel like explaining. Or anything. So the stash needs to go in hiding. Just accidentally, some absolutely stunning Noro arrived in today's mail:D but it's only four skeins so I can throw them in a drawer or somewhere. The other 20 kilos might pose a bit of a problem, though.
So... I spread something under my mattress. I'll be sleeping on silk and cashmere for two days, folks. Or I'll maybe use it as a permanent storage:D but I"ll have to keep the layer even.
And I have to clean the windows.

*No worries about my mental health. I'm quite normal and not too emotionally attached to my parents. We are not together very much so we just go for holidays, all of us, from time to time.