Wednesday, September 26, 2007

From today I'm a postgrad student.

It took me two hours in the queue, everybody wanted to sign up just today and the people at the office have only a short time of office hours. But, I got my student card, my paper that I was accepted for the course so now I plan to find some nice scholarship in Italy and Sweden and wherever else.
I have a new flatmate from tomorrow on. A Hungarian guy. Likes cats, seems okay.

I did a nice bit of knitting while I was waiting for something to happen.
Green sweater to be finished for the etsyFAST September challenge. It's mohair blend and I guess I have enough for one more sweater and polyamide carryalong dyed in shades ofgreen by yours truly. There will be some pink at the ends of the sleeves. I worked out a new way how to knit the upper part of the torso in one piece in the round so it'll be another structural achievment.
Blue sweater made of Noro Mizuho, linen, acrylic and whoknowswhat blend which is very nice, like a felted boucle yarn. There will be red satin ribbon along the upper line of the sleeves and I plan to keep it for myself. Well... I planned it with the copper sweater as well, which I love madly and find it totally stunning but I somehow still stick to my carrot orange sweatshirt I bought in 2003. Same with the Opera sweater which I wore once to try how it fits, got a heap of stunned comments and found out that it fits but makes me nervous or what the hell.
And.... the famous rug. I wanted to have it ready by the end of July and it's around halfway although the proportions should be different so it'll be smaller. I didn't count the remaining balls, due to that many colours I somewhat lost track. I have no idea what will I do with the remaining yarn, it felts when you thrust a teary look at it so it has no other use but felting. I'll maybe start making handbags (what do you think, etsian fellows, can I make something decent, if not nice, in this sense?) or cat beds. And... I'll have to felt it. If there's some skilled felter, then I have a question: If I put the thing on a plastic foil, pour water on that, roll the foil, put the roll in the bathtub and walk on it, will it felt nicely? I have no space to felt it flat, unless I borrow Mom's laundry room and I don't want to because I don't want to hear her comments on my stupid useless activities (could the hell someone buy a sweater from me? So that I would feel at least a bit self-confident?)
I have some bulkier yarns. Usually some leftovers, random buys and oddments. And sweater's worth of Noro Hodaka (grey ball under the green one), sweater's worth of Gedifra Iglu (white), two sweaters' worth of Noro Transitions in greenish and pinks (the striped ball, partly under the sampler)... and one ball of other Transitions in browns (wide brown stripes) and one ball of Kabuki Tamu in browns and jewel tones (dark brown stripe. Looks awful).
(and there's the green yarn for the rug, purple something I used for a structural sample, cell phone and other usual stuff found in large amounts on my table. And I ran out of coffee, as you see.)
I planned to somehow combine these, that explains the sampler. Gedifra is boucle yarn so I decided not to mess it with Noro. The plan is a long hooded sweater of Hodaka with something else and/or a long hooded sweater of the coloured Transitions. Maybe I'll start with that one, I could toss it to Etsy and use my rare collection Noro yarns for me myself.
I need to go to the students' registration and then there's three hours on the train to parents' so I'll need some on-board entertainment as well.