Sunday, August 19, 2007

Some more trees

Juha's mom planned a trip to some museum at Kanajärvi (no idea where it is. Like 70km from Tampere in the middle of nowhere) which is maintained by some relative of hers. I didn't really get who is the Jorma and the Kaisu and whoever else about whom she talked. Shitty Finnish of mine, that's it. But it was fine, it was a house of some local intellectual and I'll have to milk Juha for some relevant information because I got like a fourth of all the explanations.
The birch forests reminded me of Klimt's paintings. (Pics will be added when I find some. I guess that Klimt aint particularly famous for the painting of forest interiors.) Or paintings of other Art Nouveau guys. (Maybe some other pics will be added later) And of impressionists. (even more pictures possibly added later. I damn fucking regret that I didn't get the book on Impressionism in Copenhagen or that I at least didn't write down it's name or something because there was a nice chapter on Monet in Norway and his paintings of snow. I read somewhere that winter landscapes are sorta strange chapter of art history, because they have no classical precedessor.... whatever. No-one is interested in art history anyway)
We dropped at the St. Birgitta's church in Lemmäälä, they wanted to please me with something medieval (thanks). It isn't in the book on Medieval churches in Finland I got a day or two later so I guess I cannot supply some cool information... I feel somehwat out of knowledge here in this area and it sucks, folks. Indeed.
No knitting these days, nothing to knit - you can happily relax. The cats know. This little one is Nipsu who owns Juha and Kata. He owns Juha a bit more, I guess, and he's sweet. And tiny. And, as any cat, he is able to find the most comfy place in the house.