Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lots of trees

Yesterday I was shown around Rovanieni. The weather still wasn't photography-friendly and the pictures will be added as soon as I'll be able to connect my laptop to the internet. I don't want to make mess at other people's computers and I want to do some photoshopping, if needed, and normal people do not have Photoshop. But my Oulu friend is more to the geeky side, as far as I reckon so maybe tomorrow.
Anyhow, Rovaniemi is made by two streets that cross and that is the main square. Between two shopping malls or something.* The rest is scattered settlements somewhere among the trees.
Speaking of trees, there's a plenty of them and the sights from Ounasvaara were very reassuring in this sense. Lots of trees, some occasional stone or a piece of swamp. I like trees. They don't bite, don't talk back and co not most of the stuff people perform on daily basis. And I grew up in a city so I'm fascinated by forests. Niina laughed quite a bit about it indeed. And since there was a bit of sunshine in the evening, I even have nice pictures. Two whole hours of sunshine. After a week or so. Well, there were five minutes of sun in Stockholm and seven in Linköping, to be absolutely fair. Just for your information, it's cloudy today but the weather guy (or gal? I watched the weather, not the announcer) on YLE said that it should be something like sunny in the afternoon. I don't believe anyone, though, they've been promising nice and sunny even down in Sweden and it never worked.
I discovered that my Finnish is totally shitty. I thought that it is only shitty whereas the totally shitty thing is my swedish but it's the other way round. And I should have tattooed on my forehead that I do not speak Finnish, don't look that weird at me, I told you.
I hear that in some languages there's one word for foreigners and idiots. I'm starting to get the reason.

*Mind that I grew up far down south in a Medieval city with city walls, university dating back to the 16th century and cobblestones and all that stuff. I will always feel better in, say, Siena. Which is definitely not a practical place to live in.