Thursday, August 09, 2007

Recent developments

On Tuesday I just sat on my fat ass generated during the phase of obsessive-compulsive chocolate consummation while writing and worked on some final touches to the Big Piece of Crap, known also as my thesis. Numbering pics, rearranging footnotes, whatever. Mom did further proofreading and poked in the layout. Next thesis will be written in Word and the footnotes will be at the end and so will be all the pics. As the last thing I found out that the second chapter starts on the even page instead of odd.. not that I wouldn´t notice it before but I wanted to start both chapters with an additional sheet of paper where on the odd page something like Capter one, two would be and the chapter itself would start on teh following odd page. And the layout has left and right. Changing it means rearranging like 15 pages. No way, so I need to add one page of something at the beginning.
On Wednesday I copied ton of some articles and stuff, some for me since I had to bring books back to the library and I also promised some stuff to Professor Aili. Then Dad drove me to the Vienna airport. I was there way too early, he got the departure time wrong so we set off an hour earlier and another hour earlier for the traffic jam in Bratislava - which didn´t happen, they built a new bit of highway so we were done with the place in 10 minutes.
I couldn't help some sentimental thoughts - the idea of studying in Bratislava and Prague at the same time was totally crazy. And yet totally exciting and i enjoyed it, although sometimes in pretty perverted ways. Note that the two places are five hours on the train apart and that I went there and back twice a week. And in third town I worked. But I have a weak spot for Bratislava. I'm not longing for it as I'm longing for Florence, it's just a weak spot.
I got to Stockholm (the greedy bastards of Scandinavian Airlines even don't have free refreshments and stuff on board so I couldn't get drunk. However, I hadnät had slept too much so I just dropped off on the board), I even found the place where Mathilda of CouchSurfing is staying which was a bit hard because I didn't get the instructions or she wrote them too short for my blonde brain so I got lost in the neighbourhood and couldn't find anyone who would know where the hell the Lilla Sallskapet Väg is. Some Armenian guys weren't sure where it is but wanted definitely to guide me there, asking people on the way so at one point I was surrounded by like eight natives who were arguing where the damn street is. One girl knew and guided me there. The street is actually a block of winding roads on a slope so I would have a tough time even during the day.... so the special thanks of the day go to the stranger who was walking around with me looking for the right street number.
Today I was lazy, sitting at home and reading the alst book of Harry Potter and catsitting Mathilda's new kitten. After two months of sitting at home and being hooked up at the comp it feels strange that I should go somewhere out and do something.....