Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dear Mommy,

I'm in Rovaniemi. Find it in a map if you want, it's somewhere in northern Finland.
I have enough warm clothes, exactly as you instructed me. The warm clothes are namely one long-sleeved T-shirt.... and that's all. It is pretty warm here. Even sunny in the last three minutes:D
No, I don't tease polar bears when they sleep. There are none, just for your information. They live on Svalbard and other places where I'm not going. I will thus not eat polar bear liver and I will not die of vitamin E poisoning.
No, I haven't seen any reindeer and moose and polar foxes and polar idunnowhat here, it's a city. You don't see moose in your front garden either, after all.
Yes, I take care. I stilll wasn't killed, raped, robbed and buried in 27 different places. It's not done here. Actually it's not done in most places and on most ocassions, you just watch TV too much. I wasn't killed, robbed and raped even in more peculiar places, such as Genova, I was only robbed and it was in places like my hometown, which you love so much and of which no-one is allowed to utter a negative word.
No, Mommy, I'm not on Skype. No, I don't care a damn abuut what you think about my thesis. You've told me like a million times and if you found one more typo, you can mail it. I told you that I have the final version and I work with it so it's really no use if you mess with the copy.