Friday, August 10, 2007


I got up late. I deserved some sleep and such stuff and it was raining outside anyway. Then nI decided to get to the center, get a map and explore.
I h ad asked Sophie, my host, yesterday how to get to the centre, I go to the Central Station, found a map, wandered around, got lost, found myself exactly at the other end of Drottninggatan than where I expected myself to be (were there some sun, I wouldn't be that puzzled) but when I identified my location in the map, I also found the Royal Library. I registered there, solved some problem with the access codes, explained to around five people tha tI do understand Swedish, I just don't speak it (and no, I'm not any goddamn Finn. Even non-Finns can have Marimekko bags and blonde hair...but what the heck) and settled at the computer. I'm addicted, you know:D
I'll check the rain situation and go exploring, next time I should get the Lonely Planet nicely ahead.