Saturday, August 18, 2007

More trees

I dropped at Henri's in Oulu (something like seventy rains and seventy times of sunshine in one day. The front was passing. Otherwise fine) for one night, Hannu didn't show up (serves him right, now he has to travel 2000km somewhere and he got no chocolate and anyway) and then I continued down to Tampere. The journey was exciting. Imagine that there's six trains stopping in Oulu in half a day, it feels almost as busy as Paris. And there are, lemme recall it, three whole stops on the four hours trip between Oulu and Tampere. The landscape was exciting, I saw a zillion of birch trees and spruces and pines. Before Seinäjoki I dozed off and in that while there was a radical change in the landscape, there appeared some bushy willows along the way. Or bushy poplars, not sure about that.
Anyway, I got to Tampere, Juha the best flatmate picked me at the station - I really adore that guy and I was glad to see him again. Tampere looks like a town, not like a crossroad in the middle of nowhere where the local council added a few buildings and some school and park to make it look funkier. Juha remarked that this is the only street the German idiot talked about (I didn't write about her on the blog, maybe I had decided to write only positive things then. One of my students. I invited her for a coffee when Juha was at my place for a week or so... so we were sitting in the kitchen, I was telling the German girl where the university is and all that stuff but at a certain point she started to be somewhat... annoying. She asked where Juha is from and then gave a half an hour lecture on Finland, how boring and useless country it is, that Helsinki sucks because there's only one shopping centre which is closed on Sundays so what the people there do on Sundays and that there's only one street in Tampere, otherwise it's all boring crap. At the end she asked whether Juha and I sleep together and luckily she left, otherwise I would throw her out through the closed window. I tried, very succesfully indeed, to avoid her since. Juha and I got to drink a bottle of burgundy to settle our shattered nerves. End of flashback).... well, it looked like a street indeed.
Juha and Katariina have a new flat (nice) and a new kitten (nice, too) and I'm really happy to see them again. Damn, some people should be cloned to make the world better.