Saturday, August 04, 2007

Reindeers in progress

Sandy is visiting so I dragged her around the town today. Banks are closed so the exchange booths are happily offering 21 crowns for 1 euro (the rates of the National Bank are around 27 something). I persuaded Sandy that she is not going to exchange anything, that I can survive when I pay her coffee or book or something although it took me a while before she understood that the exchange rates are all the same all over. I live in this place long enough to know that everything in the centre is a cheat on tourists by definition. Exceptions possible and strictly individual and I'm not telling you where you find the best cafes and places. It's usually hidden within the university buildings, for that matter. University makes the islands of normality along with the National Library.
Speaking of the National Library, first, I have to print my thesis for tne manuscripts guy, second, they are planning to build a new building and move away from the former Jesuit college and there's a petition that the Jesuit college should go to the University. THe director of the NL seem sto be planning to create some sort of conference centre there, turning the Baroque refectory (reading room now) in some posh restaurant and what the hell. The whole thing was built to be the University, lecture rooms do not need any complicated facilities - just a heap of chairs does.... We'll see.
I started the actual reindeer sweater two days ago. I had some errands, one appointment at 11, then pick someone at the airport at three... so lots of time for nothing. I sat in the bookstore in the cafeteria, read and knitted. Well, read only as one can when knitting Selbu.. on the other hand, this patterning was easy, just counting to 8. Usually even like two, one, two, three... etc. It's Noro's Silk Garden, colour unknown, I don't have any tag at hand. In some cases I used the bluish bits with the pink ones to make it actually three colours in one row. And I started cutting the greenish pieces of the yarn out. It just stands out too much and I will use it for another pattern. The white is some alpaca. And, to paraphrase Terry Pratchett: "Only a bad artist can paint the sunset in Surgical Appliance Pink, because such colour is disgustingly kitschy. So they [characters] were looking at the Nature's work, the amazing sunset in the wildest shades of pink. It was beautiful. But not tasteful." When I was in the middle of the white field with the dots and rosettes, I was desperate. The white and the purples and pinks made it so sugary and girly and tacky. I was thinking to keep this sweater for myself but the yarns just do not look like my colours when combined so it'll go to Etsy. It's beautiful although not tasteful:D