Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I am idling today.
I was to the students' office and as I expected, there were notices all over the place that the students absolutely must apply for the final exams before July 31. The lady who is responsible for me was on holiday. She remembers me, I guess, I'm always late with stuff or have strange problems with filling the forms correctly and stuff but maybe she shows this motherly, mildly desperate attitude towards all people. So when some another lady said that we should go to her, I mildly panicked but I guess the guy two people ahead the queue had similar issue. When I told about mine, she said Okay, bring the stuff on Thursday, them teachers, what was your name again? and off I went.
It's Arts Faculty. Place where rules serve the people, not otherwise. I cannot avoid saying that majority of the teachers are unmanageable regardless of how many rules and regulations there are. That influences the whole system, obviously, if the Professor is half an hour late in half of the cases (in the other half of the cases it's forty minutes), how can anyone force the students to be always on time?
I called Dad. I wanted to tell him that I'm going away for three weeks and that I finally got my scholarship so that I can send him back the money he lent me the other day. He was busy so I called him later about the Stockholm thing. He told Mom so the first wave of comments missed me...Mom called back later and oddly enough didn't whine at all, jsut expressed a bit of a worry that I'll be away for long and that she hoped for some days together and whether I'll go to Rome with her.
So far so good.
Someone asked about CouchSurfing. You register there and when you need to go to, say, Rome, you find all those who have a couch in Rome, ask them whether they let you stay on it and there you go. And vice versa, when someone comes to your place, you might lodge them.
I promised some rosé wine and dark chocolate to the Stockholm girl, I wonder whether the university would pay for it when I said that I paid it for the lodging. Not probably, not that the accountant wouldn't understand the thing, after all, it's an Arts Faculty accountant... but the tax inspectors lack sense of humour. Or rather they get it surgically removed when they get the job, I guess. But..... I will buy a pack of that expensive letter paper at the uni's expense. After all, I need to have a nice paper when I write letters to important people. Watermark adds importance.
Kristin wants to know what Selbu is. Well, the thing on the picture is a sample for my future sweater. White alpaca, silk garden by Noro (I love that. It's sort of hard and dense yarn because of the silk and it's springy like wool). I'll find something to dye to match the colours, some cyan, anise green and yellow would be nice, Selbu in less than three colours works okay but it's sorta boring. I also awarded myself new bamboo circular needle. It was a bit expensive, would get five or six those grey undefinable ones which I adore (one has to find one with even tip but for euro and a bit it's okay. My most favourite 5mm one is of this sort) but the grey undefinable ones are aluminium and I want to knit on the plane. Twice Wien-Stockholm, two hours, twice Stockholm-Helsinki 55 minutes, once Helsinki-Rovaniemi, don't know, hour and half? Too short flights to get drunk, too long to sit and stare. I hate flying, that's it.
And now I'm going to sleep.