Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just a few notes

As I already mentioned, I'm heading north. I got a lovely email from Professor Aili who does some stuff concerning St. Bridget of Sweden* and I hope I can meet him. He gave me some insightful ideas about some nerdy stuff I'm into which made me feel totally stupid because all I know about Mattheus de Cracovia is what I read in his books.... etc.
I however cannot find anyone to lodge me in Stockholm. I annoyed almost anyone at CouchSurf but either Stockholm is terribly hot destination or there's something being given for free that there's no-one to host me. Or otherwise, it might be a hell on Earth because the other half of people are out of there. I'm starting to be worried.
I have around 55 pages of my piece of crap** done. Like thirty go. Deadline shifted from tomorrow to Monday, Professor is sick. Up till the end of August for additional additions.I thought up at least 87 of them already so I decided that I'm not adding a single one.
I finally got the papers for the Ph. D. course. No nice letter saying congrats, we took you to the club, just forms and other forms which I can get at the students' office anyway.
I signed up for CouchSurfing yesterday. In no time I got people who will sleep among my yarns (no you do not want to see the huge heap that just is and overwhelms the room) until I depart for Stockholm.
I went to buy the reserved ticket and there was a thing that with a ticket I could get a free language textbook or travel guide. They had nothing funky like Icelandic, just the usual English and German and French and Italian for textbooks and places where I already was or where I basically never planned to go like New York (I can find the Cloisters museum myself, should the need be), places of which I didn't need to know anything more like Australia or New York - no offense meant, I've been to both and I enjoyed. Since the lady insisted that I take something, I picked a Canada guidebook, I decided that I know the least of Canada so I can look at the pictures (frantic waving at Stephanie the Yarn Harlot).
I bought a lavender plant - took me to months to find one which would be fragrant and small. They have either big trees which are expensive, for that matter, or some decorative sorts with big blossoms and no scent. I named the plant Pierre.
I guess I will spend the scholarship money entirely on books.
Back to work.

*for nerdy types: some stuff means preparing books I and IV I think for critical edition and writing essays about manuscripts and the like. Not the 'some stuff' that I serve with pasta.
** for nerdy types: Master's thesis