Friday, July 06, 2007


I'm short of ideas.
I'm also short of money because the next door bitch owes me the rent, still. At least there are two days of holidays before the weekend so she went to hell or just somewhere else than here so I can feel like home.
(I discussed this person with a friend of mine and after I described what impressions I had had when I glimpsed at the contents of her room, he said dryly that he would keep such animal for a few weeks for study purposes because people over age ten who still sleep with a pink plush teddy bear are pretty rare to come by. He is much more cynical than I am, I guess. But I second his opinion on pink plush teddy bears.)
I am short of time so I'm writing my ass off, trying to get the thesis ready. It goes slow. To keep myself sane, I knit when there's some reading on the radio or something worth listening. I finished the sweater for Beth (hallelujah), it just needs finishing and I somewhat don't like the pattern. And, there are two green balls left and four white ones. Bad count. Stuff enough for one more sweater. Or a lace scarf, for that matter. I like lace in thick yarns, if there might be a sort of lace I really fancy.
I finished the cotton tunic, it just needs finishing and better pics and it'll go to etsy. I need to try and earn something to buy more books and yarn and possibly even food. The intarsia details stand out much less in real, the cotton blend somehow absorbs more light than the yellow viscose-ish yarn.
Speaking of food, I'm living off supplies. I wanted to buy at least some powdered protein but I took the wrong box and discovered only when the powdery thing was somewhat pinky and behaved weird, didn't float on the apricot juice (if you dissolve the awful yet nutritious crap in water, you get crap. If you use the juice from soaked dried apricots, then it resembles food. Note: use organic or homemade dried apricots - they look like dried slugs but they are. The dry apricots from the store which are orange, sweet and tasteless aren't. No aren't what. They are not in the general philosophic sense. Forget them. Get organic ones) and..., I have half a kilo of powdered vitamin drink. Yuck, coffee is much better and contains important nutrients like coffee. So, I tried to find something that contains some other than powdered proteins and then I made a random mixture of grains. Wheat, quinoa and lentils. With some vintage cheese - do you know that if you throw the dry bits of hard cheese in the soup, the result is much better? (And did I say that I seem to have a mild lactose intolerance? But, I ran out of cheese and cheese leftovers as well so no more diarrhoeas, hopefully) I should maybe experiment more along those lines. It could be fun, Ive discovered many new, interesting (and bleak) tastes so far. And it might even be healthy although my lousy lifestyle makes me crave for chocolate at three after midnight. I'm resisting so far, though. A week or so ago I couldn't resist and started the rug. It's the blue clump with wildly tangled yarns that rests under my chair and waits for its bits of time when my brain just refuses to think about St.Birgitta, Italian book illustration or something like that. See the creative mess on my table and be sorry for me. You can decipher the names of the books for yourself. I think that the rug is going to be pretty, I've hitherto used like five balls out of 23 so I'm done with one fourth and I started worrying whether there will be enough yarns because I have no reserve.
There's a July Challenge going on etsyFast but I'm too tired to go to details, read it yourself.
An, yes, Jane, I still haven't mentioned the necklace of yours. I bear it on my mind, though.