Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Netherlands, day 3

We were hanging around Leiden and didn't find anything exceedingly interesting. Well, maybe guys did but I was annoyed by them, their walking pace was a bit slow so if I wanted to be social and keep with them, it meant knocking over my feet on every step. I'm a simple blonde girl, I either walk or stand. Later on, Martin needed to see some sand dunes where orchids should grow (no, do not imagine some bright purple Vanda of the epiphytic sort - almost bought one on Singel flower market in Amsterdam, by the way, it's terrestrial orchids and I have some pics somewhere in my archives. Most of them are green and boring to an uninterested person). The dunes are probably the only hills in the Netherlands and again, guys' hiking pace was killing me. And I got sunburnt, which is strange since there was nearly no sun. Martin the botanist says that that there are lots of interesting plants... well, I trust him. The dune grass is amophilla arenaria, for that matter, and there were a few early blossoming gentians, I think it is Gentiana cruciata but I still have to check. The picture came out nicely, though, even with the lousy camera of mine. Gentians are one of my most favourite plants.. nice colours, nice looks. Never managed to grow one, though, they probably don't like me back.