Thursday, June 28, 2007

And now about something completely different

I wanted to try the new camera. I had to wait a bit until the batteries charge and I discovered that I just got used to pushing the button without thinking as there's not much more that you can do. Some other day I'll take pics of my other cameras, I actually have two old Pentaxes and I definitly do not plan to throw them away. The digital cameras use either special lenses constructed for them or the usual old lenses gain on focal length, I hear that only some terribly expensive Canon doesn't do this and what's a point in having a 17mm fisheye when it turns practically into 24mm distorted something and I tell you that at normall wide angles the fisheye lens makes terrible mess to perspective and straight lines too (I have a zoom one).
I hate the colour and I definitely will not ever wear plain brown of any sort. But I'm going to make something or myself, it's too good to be given away. Noro Hinegashi,that's the purplish heap, viscose/cotton/linen blend. No clue about that either, it's nice but drapey.. weAnyhow, this week I got some yarn. Camel-lambswool blend that puzzles me becausell, I'll invent something for the store, it's a lovely yarn after all. And a pack of someone else's oddments. The Cotton Hill by Noro is missing on the pic but still, there are two hanks of Daria and one of Kabuki Tamu. I seem to be a collector of vintage and odd Noro yarn. Some cotton-acrylic blend by Novita, what a pity that the woman is selling leftovers and sale findings because it would make a nice wool-free sweater for Sandy, some orange cotton and some fluffy stuff. No use for most of it but they are all just nice. So much yummy fibre to work on...
But, there's one muchmore interesting thing. I dyed most of the Gjestal Lava and Polar (no difference between them as far as I can judge, just that I had one in white and one in coral pink). I wanted to use it for sweaters and for this reason I dyed a few hanks dark blue (the three balls on lower right). I gave them a rinse and they started felting, it was actually a bit hard to untangle the skeins.... so I left the yarn aside until an idea strikes. It did and I decided to make a rug. With a landscape. Will sorta fit in the next etsyFAST challenge whose theme is something about gardens, too. So, I dyed most of the yarn, the brighter dark blue was originally the coral pink one - good job, there are some greens (could be more, though) and one ball in white and brown. Totalling 23 skeins of 100 g and 110 m.
I did a bit of mathing. My estimate was like 6 metres square for the unfelted thing and the result?
At 8mm needles one ball will produce 1650 cm square of knit matter. 23 balls will thus give 37,950cm square of unfelted matter, which is approx. 3,8 m square. I used the golden section for determining the ratio of the sides, resulting in dimensions of 1.4 x 2,32 m which means 140 stitches in 331 rows which gives a total of 46,340 stitches.
Take it as an exact work with not so exact numbers, I adjusted them a little bit (something like 331,428571428571428571428571428571 et cetera ad infinitum stitches is not too practical to work with, unless you're making something related to Sierpiński's carpet and it's not a thing I would recommend.
Now it's only the entertaining stuff to do. Make a sketch with being aware that the area ratio of different colours has to be kept and knit the damn thing.
And, tomorrow a totally new intellectual adventure starts. I got some international loans to the library, one of which is a Finnish dissertation. You don't have to believe me, no-one does, after all, but I don't know the language too well.