Thursday, June 28, 2007

Something mildly exciting

The delivery guy brought a nice neat parcel.
Isn't it nice.... and promising. Promising maybe some new, yarny adventure?
But.... check this. It doesn't look really like yarn, after all, who would bother to wrap yarn in all those protective air cushions and paper shreds and those nice boxes with instructions for use. Well... maybe some people need instructions for use like Do not eat this, it might make you sick or this is not an electric appliance, don't poke it in the socket even with obvious things. It's told about Americans in this part of the world. But.... check the label on the smaller box.
Not a gift-wrapped yarn. I finally got the camera. No more stupid soapbox which was last used for taking these pics but a real SLR to which nice real big lenses can be mounted, a decent camera that is made for photography, not for tossing around for the others to see how thin and silvery it is and with a lens that is tagging even in wide-angle shots. (Digression: Some physicist please explain better but basically, the bigger the diameter of the lens, the more light goes in, the sharper the image can be and the better the photograph looks. I got the best ever shots with my poor innocent 28mm shift lens where the filter diameter is 77 mm, the basic lenses have 58mm filters... so those compact things are not cameras to me, they are soapboxes which accidentaly can take pictures, too.) And, you can hold the camera by the strap and with some nice heavy lens, you can use it as an attack weapon which comes incredibly handy when you take pics of some nice plants in the wild and a bear decides to eat you. Or when you encounter some less socially adapted citizens who would like to share your camera and credit cards - I would take the liberty to do this with the almost 800g shift lens, it's a steel thing that should last, after all.
Speaking of the poor innocent shift lens, I managed to get through the lines to the police officer responsible for the case of my robbery and he told me that he's closing he case and that he would call me next Monday to fix an appointment for coming and taking my shift lens and my necklace back (You damn bastards, you still owe me the other Pentax, my PDA, my comp, my thesis, my cosmetics and Christmas gifts. Plague and warts upon you.) - it only could have happened a few weeks earlier, the architecture pictures from The Netherlands would look much better.