Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Netherlands, day 2

During our little quest for camping site we passed some sort of medieval ruins that appeared to my trained eye as the walled precint of a monastery. The huge Romanesque portal would quite agree to that. I have no pics yet, my camera played dead although I did charge the batteries. So this stubby post will be completed when I get the pics from the guys.
We arrived to Leyden at like four, spent some time looking for the campsite where we wanted to stay. Since Dutch is not a language anyone of us would master or at least have a clue of, we had a bit of hard time until some nice biking native shoved us a way. We ticked that off and went to find the Science faculty of the local university, where the Flora Malesiana symposium was held and where Martin was going. I went to the registration with him so that he wouldn't be scared and I was offered the funky bag with all the notebooks and stuff too but the registration fee was 200 euros and.. and anyway:P Maybe I looked like a botanist.

The campsite cat