Sunday, June 24, 2007

Home sweet home

I went home.
The cat was missing, obviously. The flatmate went off for the night as her toothbrush was missing too.
Then I knocked over two bags of rubbish in my room. The stereo was on. I got pretty furious, not that I would mind that much the flatmate using my things but it's at least polite to ask. I however couldn't find any logic explanation for two bags of rubbish in my room. Actually I couldn't find any explanation. Well, I could but I rather didn't want to.
Then I ventured into the kitchen and noticed the wooden bowl I use for yarn on the drying rack. It was soaked wet and obviously the paint was falling off. It was getting a bit too much. I'mnot a nice person and I'm not keeping it as a secret, I'm a badly cured choleric and I have a certain opinion on humanity which is not too flattering... so I started to be a bit irritated. I planned to go to bed but eventually I wouldn't sleep so I hung online until like half past five when I decided that I needed to sleep anyway. When I started dozing off, flatmate's alarm clock started making wild sounds for six. As she was away, I went to turn the thing off. The window in her room was open - how nice from her, the only thing missing was an invitation to some nice robber guy to come and pick whatever they like. I told her the first day she was here that she should please always close the windows before she leaves, that I closed it when I was leaving after her that day but you know, it's ground floor... but maybe I hadn't said that loud enough.
I closed the window and went to sleep. When I got up and started wandering around the place, cleaning a bit, making my coffee and things, I noticed that the watering of plants was performed to such extent that most of them were dead. At this point I was ready to explode but I went to the cat shelter instead. I was actually ready to kick her out, especially when I came home with Tähti, flatmate was gone again but again happily left the window open.
When she finally arrived, I wasn't even ironical, just strict. What is the reason for kitchen rubbish in my room? She just forgot it there. Why the hell is she tossing rubbish around the place? Well, it just happened. The windows? Well, okay, but still, I might be overdoing it. Nothing happened after all, right? Well, someone broke in even with the windows closed. Etc. However, she even didn't protest when I presented her the shelter bill.
Speaking of the cat shelter, when the lady there went to bring Tähti, I could hear wild meowing of many unhappy felines but I couldn't make Tähti's sound out. When she was brought to the reception room in the kitty carrier, she would go only meep instead of her usual howling and she was totally shivering. On the way back she started to complaint in her usual loud manner, after all, it was the stinking carrier but her carrier with the awful blanket but her blanket.

I did the laundry, sorted out things, ventured to Tesco to get toilet tissue and prepared the orders to go. It feels so nice that the etsy store works only a bit but it works.
The huge carton is what Sandy gave me... mostly acrylics - I'll have to invent something because it's thin yarns, I'll probably ply it to something funky. The pink flat balls are mohair with metal thread, would be nice for something like a wedding dress or for dyeing it to something wild, weren't it for the acrylic component. I will see. And the big chunky yarn is from the Leiden store. I somehow stick to greens lately although I hardly ever wear green myself. I think it's just a good colour for creative experiments, many shades and the stuff. The purple and green yarn I dyed myself out of momentary inspiration, the bright green one was made upon request and the rusty cashmere was already sealed in the envelope so it's not there to equal it out for the greens.
Back to work.