Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Netherlands, day 5

The guys dropped me in Rotterdam where I was to stay at Sandy's - she was actually quite surprised that I'm coming - I just texted her, not being sure that her cell number works so I told the guys on mIRC to tell her and left a notice on the blog and hoped she'll get the news.. which she did.
After the traditional getting lost somewhere, the guys dropped me at the train station (oddly enough, Sandy lives a few streets away from the Maastunnel where we got lost), Sandy picked me and we spent the day idling nicely. We went to see the neighbourhood windmill (no, I cannot deprive you of a bit of kitsch) and strolled around with Sandy's kids and it was quite a bit of fun of this calm, not really exciting sort of fun.
And, Sandy has two cats, the white one whose name I always forget so I called her Gremlin (looks like that. Persians are cute but when they have too flat noses, they become... gremlins) and Wolfie the Norwegian Forest cat. Black cats are pretty tough to photograph and this was the case too, so... I did my best. Actually, it was Tuesday, I guess, when the DHL delivery guy tried to call and we texted it out, that he has my camera to deliver and that he'll be back on Monday when I am back.... so no more soap box, I'll have a real big Pentax thingie heavy enough to smash a bear (well, if I squeeze the shift lens from the @#$%^ police....).
In the evening we went for a stroll to see the harbour and then came the most exciting moment of the week. I have allergies so I'm full of allergy medication almost per definitionem. I use spf30 sunscreen when I go with the rubbish, not speaking of hanging around in full sun. The Dutch sun isn't that strong either. And I got a sun allergy rash. I never had that. I get a decent tan pretty easily, regarding that I'm a relatively pale blonde. So I was reddish and itchy and pissed off.