Monday, July 09, 2007

Mystery stole - progress

I went to the hospital for some knee treatment so I started.
When I wanted to make a To Knit list ( I saw the thing somewhere. Already knitted in plain text, planned in italic etc.), the category of things never to do would contain Knit a scarf. Knit very lacey lace. Knit laceweight yarn in one strand ('cos when you put six of them together, it comes out nice...). Knit acrylic.

Well... Plans are planned and life goes its way, after all, I wanted to do Oriental studies and I came out of the university (okay, not yet, but only two moths to go) as an art historian specialized in medieval stuff.
So now I'm knitting a lace stole in teeny thin acrylic. Some Dutch brand, I would have to lift my big ass and go and look. I'm not sure that like the result. Maybe it's totaly wrong yarn. Maybe it's a totally wrong project and I should have knitted a sweater from 100g/30m wool.
At least it's easy knitting that goes fast.