Monday, July 09, 2007

I owe a picture to Jane....
So, I love the necklace. The picture is a bit bleak and I noticed only in Photoshop that although the top is fresh and clean from the drawer, there is a greasy stain on it. Expletive deleted. I still do not know how and what with to wear it so most of the time it hangs on History of Czech Fine Arts, volume 4, part II, because the book just stick out of the shelf and I pet it when I walk around. The necklace, not the book, after all, it's on19th century which isn't actually my cup of tea.
Looking at the pics, I guess I should find some new friends. The usual Finnish face of mild anger and general suspicion towards the world seems to be contagious. Not that I wouldn't think something generally bad about the world but I used to grin about it, thus the resulting wrinkle.
And I'm too busty for the necklace. Okay, I'm too busty for anything I like.
I threw a few things in the etsy store, I got a bit of praise and I would quite welcome some sales, too. So, admit that you need yarn and knitwear and go for it.
As for the Mystery Stole, I picked the material, the baby acrylic that Sandy gave me. I guess I have nothing else in laceweight and in amounts large enough.... and a stole that is machine washable cannot be a bad thing either.
I live in denial and I don't check the state of my finances anymore. The... expletives deleted still didn't send the rent or it it at least hasn't arrived yet (checked 30 seconds ago) so I will have to ask about it.
I bought some isotonic drink powder instead of protein so I spent the weekend eating all sorts of grains because I had nothing else to eat. Actually, wheat is yummy (and all the fibre causes a sucky diarrhoea. But the entrails are clean like new, then. Still, lots of easy reading matter and soft tissue are recommended), lentils are yummy, so is quinoa. I ventured to Tesco to get onions and maybe tomato puree because it became a bit boring. They didn't have any vegetables that wouldn't resemble compost so I took some frozen stuff (spinach soup today) and when I was putting it in a freezer, I discovered raspberries there - remained after the Euroviisut party when some of them got mixed with large amounts of alcohol - and a big chunk of undefined frozen meat. There will be a nice stew one day. I don't have much appetite anyway, I acutally found out that I don't mind what I eat as long as it isn't irritating my mouth.... and since most raw veggies, fruits and nuts do it, as well as spices, seasonings and salt, my cuisine has become pretty bleak.
I am worse than Bridget Jones, not only dieting but turning it into philosophy. I should go and kill myself, apparently, before everybody starts to hate me.
By the way, a friend who introduced me to etsy got married. When I read it in the etsy forums, I was like Damn that idiot - not that I didn't wish her well, it's just that the older I am, the more I consider marriage a threat to freedom of mind. It's not that I would be against relationships or family or stuff like that, I just wonder why people don't keep their distance. Getting married feels to me like stating that the guy owns me. Or that I own him and thus I'm responsible for him and his ironed shirts and warm dinners or whatever. And I don't want to be owned nor responsible for anyone's stomach.
No. I should go and have some fresh air or I'll sink into complicated explanations on philosophical matters and I would lose the last two readers I have.
Go buy that yarn, folks.