Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More of mystery stole

I thought I already finished Clue 1 and wanted to go on to Clue 2 but they somehow didn't match. I found out that I skipped the chart B for the first clue. I did a bit of cursing, then printed the chart and did a bit of knitting.
At row 75 I noticed that the two parts are not really symmetrical. I did a few stitch counts, they came out differently each time, tinked half of the row, tried again, cursed for a while, went to do something else, cursed more and then decided to use my way.
I'm not much of a pattern person. I have an image in my head and I follow that. A chart with all those ticks and little slashes and other thingies is okay... but when I have no idea how the damn thing should look like, it's really hard. I sometimes try to use my logic which obviously doesn't work because Melanie apparently uses different logic.
So, at a certain point there was something that didn't have to be there. I stretched the poor pitiful piece of knitting and tried too find where the problem is. See the red areas - four eyelets in one, three in the other. Wrong. And the blue circle shows where there were totally different k2togs than there should be. (I cannot knit, which I hereby declare. K2tog goes in two directions, depending where the stitches lean to. One of them actually is sks.... but that's too nerdy for me. I am a simple girl, for me the pattern goes like this.) I thus discovered where the problem is. Some mess around here. And no way, I'm not ripping like four rows. I rip only when there are real problems, like sweater three sizes larger.
I put a needle through the row that was okay and disentangled those four rows above.
Now, weaker characters better should skip this paragraph.
At this point I knew that I mustn't at any cost look at the chart. I had no idea what row I was at so I would get it completely wrong. It might be 71-ish but who the hell knows? Not me. So, I put the chart aside and followed the previous repeat from the knitted piece directly. It worked at the first attempt. I knew what I was knitting and i saw it. I see nothing in the chart, for me it's mindless knit two, yarn over, knit one, k2tog to the right, knit seven, yarn over, k2tog....... etc, without knowing what I am really doing. That explains why I design things on my own, I just cannot work from an image in someone else's head.
As you see, it worked out perfectly well. or rather as you cannot see, I didn't notice the white lettering... and I took the dictionary as a good dark background. Well, you have to trust me.
Otherwise the day was quite unproductive. I just hope I get the research grant soon, I cannot afford to buy food anymore and the not so dear flatmate just told me that the money transfer for the rent stuck somewhere in her bank. And I just need chocolate now.