Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Netherlands, day 1

Actually it is not The Netherlands yet (Alankomaat, as Minna remarked. Love that word. Finnish always gives new horizons even to such superficial people as yours truly), on Saturday I got home via the library and grocery to get some chocolates for Sandy, lunched with Mom, listened to sermons about the usual Behave yourself.. luckily she doesn't add anything about not catching a new STD although she is afraid of that for sure. If she commented on that, though, I would probably be violent. Bad enough that she thinks I'm a pig (no reason for that, just that I don't polish the backside of the cupboards). I grabbed some useful things and at three guys picked me and we set off west. By the dusk we got somewhere off Meissen, Germany (the east one. Still visible). We had a hard time to find some camping place, the Germans seem to have no clue of the concept of forest and field roads. We managed, though.