Saturday, June 16, 2007

Busy week

The main reason was that I was struck by my occasional lousy mood and I felt down and useless. Instead of making myself busy with something worthwhile, I basked in self-pity and cursed life and stuff. Well..... sometimes this existential nausea strikes me and I just need a few days to overcome it.
Basically, on Tuesday we got drunk with Juha (or at least I did, I didn't ask how he felt and he didn't try to walk through the closed door or something so however he felt, it couldn't have been too bad). Wednesday morning I saw him off (I made the compulsory airport picture, he tries to looks mart and serious), I felt down because Juha is just cool and although I already have a new flatmate.... well, I still have mixed feelings about her. Don't know why, maybe she just came in days when I had a tendency to see the worst in anyone and anything. So, with a mild hangover or a nervous stomach or just something I went to the National Gallery to see some pics, then went for an exam on Medieval painting (passed) and then to my ph. d. interview and I was told basically that "Okay, we'll take you but you have to finish your master's in September." I said "Yes, Professor, that's the plan." Then I just went home in the worst mood possible, fell face down on my bed and just slept until Mom called to ask how I feel. (Do you also think that at certain point even your mother deserves to be killed slowly? Mine's art of timing is absolutely perfect in the most evil way.)
I somehow muddled through the existential insecurity of these days, meantime I was teaching Hannu to enjoy classical music and he admitted liking not only Dvorak's Slavonic dances which are actually easy pieces (and we natives know the songs with words from our Grandmas) but I sent him also Il sisto libro dei madrigali by Monteverdi which is pretty difficult stuff and I needed time to learn to like Renaissance music and I am an experienced listener. So far so good. Maybe it's all the trees around that mke one sensitive. Who knows.
Yesterday I met Jana in person. She just got her second engineering degree and she's a living impersonation of Nanny Ogg. "You know, my jaw hurts a bit. I had it dislocated once." "Oops, how did that happen?" "Badly administered oral sex to..... (follows name and hometown of that guy." Actually that was what I really needed to get rid of that nasty mood. "Art, ballet, it's so..... well, at the faculty of nuclear physics it's hard to find someone who has any taste at all."
She was all I needed to cure my nasty feelings about next to anything, me, the world and the relationship between them included.
In the evening I went to see Raymonda to the National Theatre. I half forgot about it and since I was planning to go away for a week, it was sort of rushy. Iva (the long-haired one on the previous picture) (see how fat I am. Awful. And the stupid grin. I need to practice laughing in front of a mirror someday. Hope the mirror will not grin back) had her Ph.D. interviews today and it was even sillier than mine. "Did you talk to your consultant about your dissertation?""Yes""Okay, let's take you,, good bye." So we even went to have a glass of wine after the first part. My glass was gnawed on and I almost cut my lip - perfect alignment:D and then, after a few gulps already, I went to change the glass. I didn't feel like eating most of the day so I was obviously immediately tipsy which didn't prevent me from having fun.
I loved this ballet. The music is by Glazunov and it's full of all sorts of exotic reminiscences and I'll have to get the recording someday. The choreography wasn't the usual mildly boring thing by the local choreographers who usually go that now Janie dances, scene change, now the corps dances, people walk away, Janie and Joey come to the scene for a pas de deux, then they go away, corps again and it looks sort of dry . This was just dynamic, no bleak spaces when nothing happens and there were nice dance jokes, too - as I read in the programme a day later, the choreography was by some Russian guy who originally did it for the Bolshoi in Moscow. That explained it. Russian... lots of everything. The corps, the conservatory guys, fourty people on the scene - why not. More colours, more people, more fun. See the reverences... and there's half of the crowd, I guess.
I missed the dance festival which was going on in the previous weeks, the usual Prague stuff is mildly boring - nothing against the good ole classical ballets but they could use a bit of fresh air too. Well, some other time, some other place, I guess.