Friday, September 22, 2006

Errands and discoveries

I was told that they'll bring the washing machine between 1300 and 1600 today. Okay, I can go and do things before. Little errands, catsitting, ordering the piece of metal on which my curtains hang and which mysteriously disappeared during ht recontsruction (they couldn't even tell me the price in the store as they obviously sell the whole systems including the screws to attach it to the ceiling and they wondered how come that one can lose such a gadget. Everything is possible and letting workmen in your house might end up in another mysteries), checking the results of the Latin tests which I happily forgot and remembered at around now, getting some flowers - a few days ago I noticed that htey have geen carnations (aka dianthus sp.) in one of the little hidden flower shops and I adore these, getting some dyes, sock yarn and checking a yarn store I discovered on the internet, putting up a note that I'm looking for a flatmate.
So I fed Hiisi, ordered the curtain crap, then the washing machine guy called that he's at the door and it was 11 something, so I was pissed off but we agreed that he come later.
I put up the note at the faculty. I went to the flower shop and asked for the flowers. The lady looked at me piercingly and said Yes... but they are pretty awful, don't you rather want green chrysanthemums? Or come on tuesday, we'll have fresh ones.
I went to check the yarn store. Oddly enough, it's in a street full of funny second hand fashion stores and the like and I passed by a million times, never fully taking a closer look... they sell fabrics and there're brocades hanging outside and dark inside so I probably thought it a store with some Indian esoteric crap. I passed by, turned around when I noticed some yarn balls in the window and went in. When I adjusted to the dark inside, I probably stopped breathing. In one part of the shop, rhere were yarn balls crammed in the shelves from floor to ceiling, some on the floor... When I was wondering with a ball of mohair-silk mixture in my hand, the shopkeeper came and asked the obvious May I help you and I said just Eeeeh... Blah. Meaning Kick me to wake me up, I'm dreaming! I rpoduced something like Just looking around and luckily she went to greet other customers which gave me a time to compose myslef so that I wouldn't look like a total dork. And, I promised myself to knit at least the two sweaters and the top before I buy more yarn.
Yesterday I met two knitting Finns. Not out in the wild, I don't have that sort of social life. My social life means being online at midnight. And I had met those two before but didn't know that they were knitters. The first knitters I actually met, here or there, if I don't count Mom. Well, and auntie** and grandma*. Both of them complained that yarn in Finland is damn expensive and I told them about the mohair and silk or at least wool I knit and that acrylic is not allowed in the house...... Seems that I'll be going with two suitcases of yarn when I'll go to Finland. (And with two suitcases of books, but I'd do that anyway.)
*on my late Grandma's knitting sometime later. It's and absurd story but my Grandma was all absurd.
**on my still living and kicking aunt's knitting nothing much can be said. She used to knit stuff when cousins were babies and she has an unfinished lamé sweater somewhere. guess it was started around 1988.