Monday, September 04, 2006

Breaking a promise.....

I wanted to try this. Not directly form this site but I found it translated into Czech, mistakes and the total incomprehensibility included. (Here's a better site, with pics and stuff...) Who the hell can invent using colour coding for knit and purl in a more-than-one colour pattern (hint: an idiot). And it doesn't work as it should. So, having nothing but the blue yarns brought here for enjoying them and some leftover crap, I tried (with quite a thick black acrylic something and quite athin recycled curly wool. Yuck.). First, I used the colour code for colours and it came out weird. Then I re-read the instructions and followed them. Stithc by stitch, word by word, and the result was something in black and white stripes, with knotty something within the stripes. Then, I rethought the whole concept.
Here an insertion will come: Topology is a sort of mathematics. Here you find a knitting mathematician, she might be able to explain it better, try and ask. I'm not a geek, I'm just trying. As I"m getting it, topology is about organizing things in space, As things, mathematical objects can be understood, or real objects that could be mathematically definable with difficulties. Basically, creating a seven-colour lace from seven balls of yarn means reorganizing the yarn from balls to something flat, trying to skip something vipery-snakey and tangled. Knitting is only the technique. So, if you have something on your mind, you can do it. The technique must give way to the powers of your imagination, doesn't it? Playing Tetris is basically a question of topology too... hope you're getting it.
So, if I wanted to create this sort of pattern, I thought, ok, on a garter stitch surface the purl stitches stand out in space, creating little bumps. If they should have different colour from different points of view (spatial, not metaphorical), the purl stitches have to be on the edge of the areas with different colours. I produced this sample.. but the colours aren't contrasting enough and the pattern is thus of a Braille sort only. With the Opal yarn I"ll have to stick to good ole cables or something, then. Or throw out the dark blue and get something else. How to make the pattern is apparent from the detailed photograph, should someone want a pattern, say I want a pattern in the comments. I'm lazy now. Yeah, and the main problem of this sort of pattern is that it apparently looks best when knit on no. 1 needles. Damn.