Thursday, June 22, 2006


I'm aiming at a record, six passed exams in six working days. Weren't it for the weekend, it would be much more impressive.. but that cannot be helped. Today's historiography went far too well to be true. In fact, I had a bit of fun. I went to have some stuff signed and the woman at history department needed to examine all the people or what before she would spend a minute with me and I was just chatting with people (no, I didn't study or something before) instead of at least reading the stuff and I confess, I hoped for pure luck. And as my father says when my mom happens to manage something, stupid farmer has the biggest potatoes. I was the last for the cam, the guy ushered me into his study and said Wait a minute, I need to do something. He has an impressing collection of books so I was looking at them. Just in case there was something useful. (No, this one doesn't have any contacts in Sweden or any other interests there. I asked quite a time ago) He has also a habit of asking students how are they doing, where they come from, what they like doing/researching and idunnowhat. So he came back and said something like yeah, books, you know, there's not always what you need in the libraries... and I replied Don't tell me, I'm writing my thesis and there's absolutely nothing for the theme in this whole country... So he asked what the thing is and i replied St Bridget of Sweden... He exclaimed Oh, it's you! Heaven sent you, I knew that there was someone doing some Swedish stuff but I didn't remember you and no-one was able to tell me. So you could maybe help me with this.. and started explaining something about writing an article and finding a quote about Revelaciones and there's no Czech translation (okay, there's one from around 1400) and the Latin edition is available, uhm, volume VIII only for whatever the reason. And it's online. And I know where:-). So I promised to send him the link... and we had a nice chat about our research projects. Asa bonus, when I was leaving, there was a guy at the copier in the foreroom. He seemed vaguely familiar and when he turned around, I recognized that he was one of my previous professors from long time ago. And he was so curious, what am I doing, where I live and where I work and what I publish - here I asked whether he meant the publishing house or my own stuff and he asked for my stuff - and just a few weeks ago the history book for the sixth grade where I supplied a chapter on art was printed. Eight lousy pages as a result of three months fighting with the editor. But there's my name. And he wanted a copy and seemed to be quite happy. The guy who scares students hundred kilometers around... So I got a nice dose of self-confidence today.

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