Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Passed another exam marked Non-European art. Japanese in my case, everything of it sucks but for whatever the reason, I have a bit better attitude to Japanese stuff than, say, Mexican. I managed somehow with quite a good result, in fact I supposed that the guy would let me pass out of sheer compassion...

Should you be interested how my knitting goes, the thick winter jumper rests in the wardrobe and will remain there, now I work on the silk thing. s it showed, it sort of grew (no idea how) to be too wide for a tank top. So I decided that stump a base for a nice silk sweater and the plain cable was substituted by a tree pattern. I have a idea how to do the upper part but i have no idea how will that look like. Some people say that I'm chaotic. I am.
To take the pic (see, it's going ok!) I had to clean up half of the kitchen (the other half is furniture) and as it goes, the self-proclaimed queen of the house somehow appeared in the pic and then mysteriously was back in the armchair in another room. The mag on the right, with the black and white pic, it's a pet extra of Russian Vogue. Irresistible, although it cost me a fortune... But I'm a good girl.

A friend is going to move to my place sometime next week. Linda, the red-haired from my birthday party pics:-). Her flatmate/landlady left for two months plus and left her in the middle of an apartment.. or rather a construction site with one decent room of three, adding that she should pay the whole rent and find some flatmates or something and take care about the construction works. So she desperately asked for help and as there's no-one for the summer, i'll have some company. And fun. Expect some party entry around next week.

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