Saturday, June 03, 2006

My birthday party

I made myself a nice cake. First I thought that cake with candles is a bit childish for my age (27 in papers, around 150 judging from my cynicism) but after a discussion with a friend who was storngly for - there's no fun without candles and things - I decided to make one. Should i decide se a bit earlier, I'll have someone to bring me one... but on a short notice, it's a bit problematic. And one can never rely on people, they have so disgussting cakes in the Tesco-like places and a decent place makes cakes on a special order usually. And anyways. So, I made one.
As for rose wine, I like it. It's sort of funny and I discovered an odd predilection for it some months ago when I went to buy something to pour on my stewed veggies. For veggies, it's white only - red changes color to weird and disgusting. However, I found the rose shelf filled with usual rose things.... and a Chateau Tetrapak rose. I didn't know whether I should laugh my ass off or whether to faint of surprise.... a wine for homeless connoisseurs? and apart from some muscatel (ok with zucchini, peppers, green peas, a tiny bit of ginger and some good, nice fresh tomatoes, for example) I got a bottle of good nice rose for my pleasure.. and stuck with it since. Actually, my wine-loving friends, upon having heard that there's the no-quality rose as well, wouldn't believe me at first and then checked that I don't invent stories, fell for it as well. Anyway, I installed the candles, meantime Birgitta got stuck in conversation with Kirsi, my flatmate and were happily ignoring me.... Anyways, that's me blowing the candles, if you haven't already guessed it:-). Rare pic where I don't have a double chin. By the way, there was nothing left of the cake, next time I have to make more of it. Most of it disappeared within twenty minutes and that's the approach I like. People eating and enjoying it. it seems that the cake was my last decent meal for a few weeks... Diet sucks indeed, but it has to be. There's special offer iceberg lettuce in the local Tesco so I'm a rabbit these days.. luckily, I like iceberg an things like that. Hitherto. I'll let you know after a few weeks how I feel about carrots and high-fibre bread. Maybe I'll turn green (You are what you eat, isn't it:-))). However, apart from five botles of wine (thank you, friends), I got a chocolate from Jakub (he commented it that it's a good one, but with too much cocoa in it and that he actually dislikes those and has had it at home for quite a time and hopes that there's no worms inside) and a bag of Mozartkugeln from Barka, the official party photographer, as it developed, who had been to Austria (she said that she had to tie the bag with a ribbon and staple it, or else she would eat it whole), and a book of Vysocky's poems, translated, of which I happened to read the very morning before and left a message to Barka and she was sooo absolutely nice to pick Linda and they went and got it together and said that the bag in which they packed it was almost more expensive than the book... so there's not only gift recycling but also gift wrap recycling. Long live ecology.
Tähti showed to be a great party animal. She is very social and after first few minutes when she was a bit nervous of so many peopl around, some of them walking on their four, calling kisukisu and wanting to grab&hug her, she started walking around (on people's laps, of course) and had her great time as well. She's still asleep around now....