Sunday, June 11, 2006

Busy day

I had meant to go out. In the morning I decided that I wasn't going anywhere, no way, study reasons.
Then I got to the kitchen and Kirsi told me that there's enough for one more coffee. I thought she meant hot water but it was the coffee which was used out. A few months ago mom had sent me somehting like three jars and I sort of thought that there's coffee enough. Kirsi reminded me that she had already bought another jar a few weeks ago
I still didn't plan to go anywhere but after something like 11 I craved for my regular dose of caffeine and moreover, the piece of ginger started to turn green. Like this:
Usually when food starts turning green, it means nothing good. But the ginger is sprouting - so after a question to my botanist friend, 'Will it grow if i dig it into a flowerpot?' and his answer, 'Sure', I realized that I needed not only coffee but also a flowerpot. So I set off for Ikea, a grand ocassion to have a nice hotdog of definitely a poor quality but I like it and a few toxins won't kill me. And I checked whether nes volumes of Bonniers Lexikon had not appeared - they did not. *
On the way from Ikea I dropped in Tesco and got the flowerpot; they have them cheaper in the flower shop in the next street but that one happens to be closed on Sundays and I didn't want to delay the action.
And when messing around Tesco, I got a knitting magazine hoping that there might be a hint how to make the lacy paterns. There wasn't much useful but this leaf pattern will be useful - the principle was explained quie well and now it needs just a few brain cells to apply and creatively widen the possibilities.
My tank top (?, haven't decided about the upper part yet) is going okay. I ripped the moebius strip, made another moebius strip (only idiots do the same mistake twice) and the third attempt seems to work. I got some ideas for future cool sweaters so we'll see. The leaf pattern, although there are at least three mistakes in the test piece, did enormous things to my self-confidence. (those particularly dedicated can guess what exam I do on Tuesday....). The yarn is undyed, I'll do something about it when the whole piece is ready. Silk dyes nicely and this colour, I myself would call it grey plague, is no good.
I also discovered a jar of tomato puree. opened, half empty, not turning green yet but who knows. Add to that a box of eggs in the fridge and the idea that a nice heap of pancakes could improve the day is evident. I thought about pancakes caprese (apart from usual stuff, add the puree, basil and mozarella - in this case it was some stale parmesan). I proved to be a bit moronic when I grabbed the first flour I found and it was roughly ground..... To keep the stuff together, I had to add the fine flour, another half a litre of milk and as a result, the caprese thing was a bit dissolved.However, the result is nice, orange and tasty and to boost my self-confidence even more, I learned how to turn the pancakes in the air.

*To explain to the rest of the world: for whatever the reason, in Ikea in this cuntry, they have swedish books in the shelves to demonstrate that the shelves good look with books in them and they don't mind if someone takes them. And they change them from time to time - I just wonder whether all the two dozens of Swedish language students go to pick something to read or whether they pass it on to, say, France or Nigeria.