Saturday, June 10, 2006

Nearly perfect.

I was out of the town and it was cool. I'll do such things more often.
Yesterday I had an itch in my hands, it was caused by the bad world all around and general discomfort and the 18 balls of silk yarn hidden in the wardrobe only increased it. So I went to the gym which was a particularly bad idea, regarding my hurting knee and on the way back I dropped in the department store to get a 3mm circular needle and spent hte whole way on the metro by thinking what whall I do. Well, in fact I was reading Populärmusik från Vittula, this book always improves my shitty mood. But meantime I was thinking about the patterns. I cannot do anyhting lacy and as they had colors only for vegetable fibers, I had to give in the idea of a creative evening and dirty kitchen. So I thought up a tank top with cable pattern, casted on 210 stitches at the third attempt (couldn't get enough for the tail) which showed to be 204 after I started the pattern and today, after some effort on the train and in similar situation I got this: Moebius stripe. I'm ripping now and I'm pissed off. Damn pissed off. (And i was in a bookstore where they had a kilomoter of shelves labeled Hobbies. There was basically everything, from marquetry to embriodery, including masterworks like become a Zen master in ten easy steps but no damn book containig some instructions how to knit those cool lacy patterns. Damn life.)