Friday, June 02, 2006

I have to share this.

100% silk yarn. For 27 CZK per ball. Which means some funny 540CZK per kilo. Or 20euros, if not less. It's undyed so I'll see to it and make somthing totally cool.
Note also the other contents of my table. typical intellectual mess. The folio on the upper left is a diy copy of first volume of Imagines Sanctae Birgittae by Aili and Svanberg, the basic thing to start with my thesis. An Arvo Pärt CD. Never met anyone who would fit into the general idea of normal person and listen to Arvo Pärt. The steel thing on upper right is bookweight (based on the example of paperweight; designed to keep books open and nt floating around in the wind) by Sagaform. One of the coolest things I have. Most of my space is covered by such a mixture of odd objects and mess is my natural habitat.
Meantime, I went voting, created my birthday cake (I'd never say how difficult it is to get the birthday candles - those thin, small ones....) and it's great. There should be some details done more neatly but I'm no professsional cook so I can dare for a minimal imperfection. However, I cook good. Just to warn some random guys: it doesn't mean at all that I'm a housekeeper, no, thank you. I'm an artist.