Friday, June 09, 2006

Thursday and things

After having done nothing for most of the day - as usual, sleeping, studying, eating, drinking enormous amounts of coffee... but stop, almost no eating, in fact, because I was sick. I made some lentils before I went to my dance class, but just because I wouldn't want to be falling.
There has been something wrong with my knee. Probably I pulled a tendon in the previous lesson so I kept it bandaged and it settled... until after ten minutes of the dance class. Then I cursed myself for the following 80 minutes because it started to hurt like hell.
I felt down all day long. There was some bad news on Wednesday, every other person is pissed off by me or something and in some it got such proportions that I thought about using the picture gallery of my friends on my fridge door as darts target. However, I survived.
Not that today would promise something exciting. Tähti has grown annoying and every morning she howls and wants food (I'll buy some crappy granules as soon as possible) instead of nicely miaowing and wanting a cuddle as it used to be until some five days ago. So I grabbed her (howling) and took her for a walk. Twenty minutes outside proved to be effective and she's sleeping in the armchairs since we came back (howling - she liked it outside:-))
I should knit something. My hands feel neglected.