Tuesday, May 30, 2006

On France

As zou might have guessed, if i came back, it means that I had been somewhere, Paris in this case. Art history department excursion. I should have guessed that if the professors are 149th and 20th century, then it's not going to be my cup of tea (nor coffee, toilet disinfectant or any other liquid, for that matter). And it wasw not, with a huge help from Paris itself. Kirsi told me before i had gone, that she would like to go there for honeymoon. Poor girl.
Paris is big, equipped with totally megalomaniac urbanism (okay, it looks cool when you see the arch from la Défense or from Louvre and it's one big long wide street...... but it's uninhabitable), and that's it. There's no decent centre where you would dfind the city hall with a nice tower, surrounded with the usual medieval maze where you can read the development of the city. Paris has no charm - that's the most accurate feeling I had.
We've been to La Defense. I used to be a great fan of modern architecture and even more modern architecture, glass walls and that stuff.. and then I went to Italy. I realized that (1) architecture which is able to withstand 1 000 years of everything passing around and Italian history was no idylle, is not made from big pieces of glass. Although it§s easier to make good photographs. THere will be some as soon as i find the cable:-)