Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm blogging again.

And everything - yesterday I got the comp debugged, firewalls installed and whatever and as Barka came to get her tripod, Linda came because she heard of the homemade smoked meat and there was some wine and almonds and things, we had a sort of improvised arty and a damn good time. Tähti had some fun because we were sitting around the table and she could somply walk on us to choose the best lap to lie on and purr.
Speaking of the cat, yesterday I got some Purina with duck and she's crazy after it. I used to feed her some Acana granules but they didn't have them in the shop so I got whatever sounded edible.... and Tähti had an almost full bowl in the morning, ate it whole, made a content face and now she was siting by hte bowl making urging looks.... But when i came back to my room, she settled on a clean bed linen for a nice nap (see above). I hereby declare that I haven't got the linen to match her eyes, I found it at home 2 (i. e. at my parents' house where i still stay quite often and where I'll spend the summer because I'll get my home 1 reconstructed) and mom gave them (I have two, in fact) saying 'I thought of throwing them away anyway'. What a frugality.
I should go packing, I'm leaving for Paris tonight. Nothing romantic, just a trip to see some more art stuff. And I want to get a Courreges perfume and some books on medieval Scandinavia, Romanesque sculpture in France and Spain, which means basically the whole production of Zodiaque, one of the loveliest publishing houses I know which specializes in local Romanesque and has a million monographies in the uppermost technical quality on things like Romanesque in Arles, Coutances or wherever. And I won't be able to afford them.