Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Woe upon those who administer the school network,

for the Photoshop collapsed and the only comp remaining where it works (worked yesterday, to be exact) is occupied by some unfriendly-looking person. So I waited for a while in case the woman had a lunch appointment or something (I live in GMT+1 timezone and haven't discovered how to chnce the time settings yet. Not that I bothered. NOw it's around two here.) and then gave in and started looking for books. I mean, texts available on internet, because the Photoshop collapse met me while scanning the C. A. Nordman's Medeltida skulptur i Finland. If you have a spare copy, let me know. Or a spare copy of anything else on medieval art in Scandinavia and around. Tomorrow I'll make the library lady sick becase I'll go and copy 800+ pages on... well, scandinavian medieval sculpture, whatever it might be. There's a crappy old copier in one of the university libraries and if I bring my own paper, I can copy for free, which... well, yesterday I bought Beverly Feldman stilettoes and remained with CZK 400 for the rest of the month. It's something like 14 euros, if you need to know that. I'm on a low budget in general and the cat needs to eat something else than pasta and raisins or what the hell is left in the cupboard.