Thursday, June 01, 2006

Back home

This welcomed me when I arrived on Monday morning, a bit used up and definitely not ready for cleanng or something. I don't remember leaving the yarn around, but cats are cunning bastards, i can quite believe that Tähti opened the wardrobe hwere I think I had stored it. Note the white carpet - it would be every cat's favorite place for puking on.
Anyways, I rewound the ball, blogged some stupidity and went to parents', as promised. And needed to get a paper that I can vote outside of my original place where I'm still registered, which was the main reason.
I mentioned my cousin getting married. So... we got the invitation. I had expected, knowing the family, that the weding was going to be kitschy romantic... but the invitation hints that it's gonna be überkitschy and everything. Golden envelope, inside there was a golden sheet of paper with some embossed flowers or what, bound with a white and gold ribbon. Inside this paper there was another one, thin white with golden print, curly letters saying what and where. And regarding that the guy is French and as fas as I reckon, In France a small wedding is something like 80 people.... Oh my. So there's not gonna be a bride in a big (rented) dress with a crinoline. There's gonna be crinoline and a trail and million metres of synthetic lace, bridesmaids carrying the veil, plastic-looking cake dyed pink, as in the most disgusting American soap operas.... And thus I decided for a subversion. Regarding that the bride's parents are damn snobs... who however don't have the class (it doesn't mean that they're not nice people... i mean something like when they have the table set with salad cutlery and normal cutlery and dessert cutlery, they cannot make the difference but hey have it in such a way, because it looks posh....), I think the coolest subversion is to look better than bride. Apart from her, I can wear a flame red Versace dress with bare back and dance on the table, should it be the case.... The only problem is that the abovementioned dress is a size smaller than I (which explains why I'm hungry now). But... we'll see. On every posh-looking ocassion like this, something funny happens. I'll inform you when the time comes.
I didn't have a clash with mother, although I could. She is checking the internet for traces of me again, probably because I erased my old blog which she did find. She checked my drawer, too. My drawer! and she didn't have decency enough to keep it for herself. Well, she didn't say Oh, i just wanted to know what things there are so i read them thru.. she commented that I pay too much for library fines, i said that it's not anything I would describe as too much and she said something about hundreds (CZK, 28 of them for euro, moreless)... so I got it, those were the bills for international loans and I just store them in my drawer along with some office mess. My drawer, what the fuck she thinks....
And now I'm back in my Prague appartment and I'm wasting time.... and no-one is checking how much I spend on what or how much photocopying I do - mom decided that copying it useless, because I should learn what's in the books or articles. (And because there were no copiers whern she was at the university, so I don't need it either....). made my record, 654 pages of Medeltida skulptur i Finland within three hours. I just wonder whether the copiers still emit so much ozone.....