Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I finished the sweater.

Even my lovely sweet mother who wastes no time when there's a possibility of some nasty remark (it was 'You're wasting yarn again, you'll never finish it and anyway, you cannot knit' this time) admitted that it is cool. Well, when I was putting it together, I realized that one ball was from a different batch and the caramel brown is a bit lighter but te good thing about this type of yarn is that the mistakes, irregularities and all sorts of things I'm prone to are hidden easily.
And, in order not to be bored, I started a new sweater. I expect that my knitting efforts will stick to sweaters, because I don't wear much of scarves, mittens or woolen socks (as for socks, if I could go barefoot all year round, I'd be perfectly content with it.) and seems to me that there aren't many people around who would fully appreciate handknit gifts. Seves them right, I'll be the cool one. As to my new sweater, it's made on two round needlesso that the columns of stitches aren't vertical but diagonal, to one side on the outside and to other side on the inside. There are stripes only on the upside, it'll be all white inside. And I have no idea how I'll make the upper part, shouders and the neckline. I invented this way of knitting a few years ago when I was watching a movie, starting a sweater which remains unfinished because the size wouldn't fit anyone above 12 years of age, I'll rip it some day.... well, I was watching something on TV, messing up with yarn, and it just happened. I guess someone had invented this before but in case I was the genius:-)), I'll try to give a rough description: it's better to do it on round needles, as for flat pieces, I tried it and i have no idea what to do at the end. I did something without having much idea of knowing it - I'll analyze it someday. However, it's just alternating knit and purl stitches, the knit comes on the first needle (closer to you), the purl comes on the second one. When you're starting the third row, there's the knit stitch first, on the first needle - the yarn goes zigzag between the needles. So you knit the purl one first, thus shifting by one the columns... then it's the knit stitch on the first needle, and so on ad infinitum.
I'll supply some drawings as soon as i make them. I think there could be different patterns on both sides but I'll try this later.....