Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I knit.

I have already mentioned it. Not that I was too good. This woman is good. I have no idea what those patterns of dots and slashes and crosses and things in the knitting mags mean. I'm visual and if I want something, I jsut have it in my head. but I'm too lazy for reindeer patterns and when I need those, it's easier to make my mom feel guilty and knit a reindeer something for me. Although it might take years, there's half of the reindeer and moose sweater meant for my uhm, 25th? 24th? birthday still somewhere and I stole the kniting needles because I just needed size four.
The first pic is one of my favorite Benetton sweaters, note the cut (Yeah, the creature lying on it is Tähti and she used the two seconds before I grabbed the camera to settle into something soft and warm....). I just love the wide sleeves. They had sweaters in the same cut in the 1998 winter season, I think, with embroidered something, and I had two of them. One fell apart from frequent wearing, the other was left at the bottom of the wardrobe and fished out for cleaning reasons in late 2003. I started to wear it again and the people came asking like Oh, where you got such a nice piece, your grandma did it? and stuff. As this white one isn't in the best shape anymore.... Tähti likes it and it goes well with her color, but anyway, it's not cool for wearing anymore. The other day I went to buy some yellow thread to fix the torn seam on my Vuitton bag (I'm not rich. Ths was something like 30euros in a secondhand shop in Firenze, Italy and i needed a medium-size bag for weekend trips anyway) and found yarn instead. This one. It makes a nice fractal pattern.... And it'll be ready this week.