Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I'm blogging from home. Means from my messy room, nothing like I'm back in the country after a nice holiday or whatever. Got the Internet working (it wasn't as tough as I thought). The bad thing is that now I have basically no reason to go out:-))). Maybe I could stop going shopping, too, I could call it Supplies Expedition and make notes about it into Captain's log, not that I had any but this blog:-)

I learned how to upload images to the blog.... so this one above is my humble self and Hiisi, British Shorthair kitten of something like five months and already bigger than my grown-up Siamese. And as you can see the beginning cellulite on my upper arms, yeah, i should be on a diet, not hanging at friends' places and eatindg their cakes. Yes, bad me. (And thumbs up to Barka's mother-in-law for her baking skills.)