Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Yesterday I went to the Doc. My allergy started to be a bit more annoying than I was willing to tolerate so I decided to see my GP after quite a time. I arrived just at the beginning of her office hours and realized that the damn pensioners had to be waiting overnight or what because there were at least ten of them to get their dose of chatting of their poor health. Covered by the public insurance. I waited for two hours, it took me one minute to explain what's wrong, in another minute I got my prescription for seventh generation of anti-allergy things and left so that the other pensioners could go and complaint.... The day was already wasted - my original plan was to be on train to Prague at around that time.... So I just hung around. I went home in a relaxed manner, had my nth coffee, dropped at the office to say hello to the guys (one had just had an accident with the company car, poor him), spend some time burning cds (yes, my own data) and then went in the direction of the station, shopping. Got some more yarn for my sweater (they had the last three balls, I hope it's enough) and then happily set off to Prague. I finally managed to call the internet provider to come and fix the thing... the problem is that they need the installation cds for Windows and of course I don't have them. I'll see.
I wanted to go out with Kirsi to see the ice-hockey match, she said that the Finns in the pub wouldn't probably beat me but the internet woman was late so I didn't manage.

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