Saturday, April 22, 2006


rI have most of my private crap on the office server. There's space, if I do my stuff after the regular work time, no-one cares about the bit of electricity I use up and it's all nicely nested in one place. including my not-very-ordinate archive of photographs which can be handily used for publication purposes (after a phone call when someone requests something and I navigate... my filenames are logic and that puzzles people). So I wanted to use a draft of one of my school papers and my folder (containing a terabyte of things, the file I needed included) was not. I said something unquotable, made a few phonecalls (it's Saturday, normal people are on family trips to shopping malls, remember it) and was told that (1) the admin removed my file to one of the computers. I checked and it was there. I opened it and the one folder just was not. So, (2) I called the admin, wtf. He claimed that he moved everything at a time so there cannot be anything missing. (3) I called the boss, how come and whether she knows. She said that well, there's a copy of everything made and archived every day so it should be found, that I shouldn't panic and if there's something missing, well, the new graphics guy has this habit of cleaning up. I said thank you, have my folder full of old and unfinished and chaotic crap found, please and if the graphics guy deleted it, kill him for me. He has no right to be messing up my files. The boss was a bit pissed off, because I was shouting and that there's not gonna be any killing unless by herself.
We'll see.

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