Saturday, April 22, 2006

Kitchen adventures and a sucky week

This week sucked.
On Wendesday I was totally wasted. After Father left, I just lay down and slept. I felt totally tired and useless and even more useless. I woke at eight, then made some pasta (thinking Gee, I feel hungry, that meant that I'm ok). Well, the reason was that I had some almost composted zucchini in the fridge and didn't want them to rot. The other next to compost thing was mangos so i made a jar of nice mango marmalade and wasn't brave enough to taste it. I'll give it to some unsuspecting victim, probably Petr, who is a kitchen maniac himself, and I'm angry with him because he always sends me years old hoaxes with comments like Oh, that's awful.... He'll surely appreciate that. He appreciates everything homemade because he believes that homemade things are always better than industrial products. (Yes, his homemade cakes offer original choice of basic cooking mistakes. That's what you never get from the bakery, flaws:-))
Thursday sucked too. First of all, the cancelled Swedish lesson. I like my Swedish lessons. I'm the stupidest there but anyway. I feel like learning something useful which cannot be said about the 20th century art seminar which is incomprehensible to normal human beings most of the time. (reminds me that I haven't started my semestral paper yet and deadline is the 12th....) I missed the seminar. Thursday was the deadline for my internship application so I was doing the bureaucracy. Bureaucracy sucks, especially when I come to the office, there's five people, four are chatting and the fifth is (a) making coffee, (b) chatting on the phone with someone else (c) reading internet. I wouldn't mind it if they had more than eight office hours a week and were able to provide functioning services... well, bureaucrats. Shoot them all.
After some time I managed to get the pile of papers ready, mailed it.. and went home because I was deadly tired again.. and felt the strange sort of headache and emptiness. I was afraid that the depression is back so I left a notice at the department's mailing list that I'm looking for a decent shrink and went home. On the way (I felt like falling on the sidewalk and never getting up again) I recalled that St. John's wort is used as an antidepressive too. So on the way I dropped in the nearest pharmacy and got a pack. Hitherto (Saturday noon) it seems to be working. Maybe it's just a suggestion but a working one. Depressions suck, too.
Yes, Thursday means a dance class, too. I love my dance classes. I have the biggest ass of them all, I'm twice that heavy as the teacher (well, and 20centimeters taller, which could excuse me a bit). No entrechats today. Just assemblés - basically, you jump from one feet and land on two, I have too weak legs to jump on one so it looks always awkward in my rendition.... I should really go on diet, as soon as I finish the lunch:-)

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