Saturday, April 22, 2006


My shopping list, if they remain preserved for the posterity, will be to a great puzzlement of future household theorists. The famous one saying Water jug, wine glasses, big reel of scotch, one cat... is still in one of my heaps of paper. The today's one reads Nuts (not like hazelnuts.. but bolts and nuts), knitting needles size 5 (bought yarn instead, should have at least two pairs of fives somewhere), St. John's wort, grape juice and yeast. Let me know if you make something of it. How my household runs or something:-)
The yarn is cool. Blend of pale yellow, sky blue and caramel. Ideal for some minimalistic cut. Decided to knit again. And sew: mom decided to get a new sewing machine in place of the ages-old badly working thing (mom says that the old one is absolutely perfect all the thirty years she has had it. Apart from irregular stitches, tearing the fabric and making oil spots it is, sure. I just refused to have my lovely fabrics destroyed. you never clean mineral oil off silk taffetta, I'm telling you) so I can save the money for travelling. When I said Oh, cool, I'll make a a few things, she just gave a disgusted look that it's useless because it's much cheaper to buy things and that all I can do is just wasting material because whatever I have made was just awful and badly done and that's all I can do. Sometimes I wonder whether she really thinks that I'm an idiot. At least she shows this opinion happily.