Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cat hair everywhere

Tähti is shedding, that's it. So I still eat cat hair, drink cat hair, bathe in cat hair, sleep in cat hair, walk on cat hair.... She is also swinging on the curtains and destroying my innocent defenseless carpet from the Ikea sale. And mom is coming the next week. I think she doesn't know about my cat. Well, in fact she should know because I mentioned her, Tähti, I mean, on the now disused blog she used to read. Mom will be screaming and I don't care a damn, to tell the truth. After all, I'm nearly thirty and it's nice from her that she banned me from having cats and dating Finns (I'll write about this later. Meantime you can tell me whether you feel this idiotic or racist.) but I live my own life, go live yours yourself, thank you.
I made tiramisu yesterday. Not that I would plan it. I planned to go on diet. But... I and Kirsi went shopping together and it just came to my mind that well, I could make it. And sort of thought aloud whether to make the 18 portions baking tray or just some normal amount. Then rethought the concept, because the normal amount is 24 portions baking tray, which gets easily eaten by five people in one evening. As a result, this week I'm getting no thinner, I'll live on tiramisu and ribollita.
And, the most important domestic matter of this week, I have a computer. Some two weeks ago I bumped to a friend, we cursed the school comps together and I just said that I needed an office to keep my papers spread around and things... and he just said Oh, you don't have a comp at home? I can lend you mine.. and a few days later he just brought it to my place. Mmo will be pissed off - what would people think, that she isn't able to buy a computer for her daughter or something? - but.. well, she's always pissed off when I show some independence. So, I'll call to the cable provider and get the Internet connection and then I'll have no reason to go out but to throw out the rubbish.

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