Tuesday, May 02, 2006

School trip

Even at universities there are school trips. masked by the name Specialized excursions. Thus I spent a weekend in Dresden. Moreless, we were lodged in Děčín, the decent place nearest to the German borders and took a train to Dresden itself. There will be pics and some art history crap later, be sure about it.... but right now I don't have the camera cable with me.
So, impressions and reminiscences: It sucked. Dresden is all rococo and things I don't prefer for their aesthetic qualities. However, on Sunday when it didn;t rain, I just walked around and sort of enjoyed myself. The worst thing were people. It seemed to me that all those in the department whom I dislike gathered there. On Friday evening I was lucky to miss the party, I left my passport at home and took a later train; the other day we were dining in a pub and I sort of concentrated on my plate most of the time. All Sunday long, the people just meditated upon how to get some cheap alcohol for the way back. I was soo happy to be back home...
Pics tomorrow, maybe