Thursday, April 20, 2006

Reserve beaujolais

I´m tired. Yesterday I had an awful headache or what it was so I slept all the afternoon and today I feel like the same. Maybe it´s the allergy or the allergy medication. However, father came (finally, after two or three months) to fix the curtain railings (or what's the name of the thing) and i was just too tired to fix the curtains myself. For some reasons, I have two different systems in two rooms, one is idiotic and cheap from Ikea and the other was expensive like hell from an asshole company who pretended that the price they told me was for two pieces and it was for one only. But I must have to admit that the expensive stuff from Inku is much better, more elegant and easier to manage. The curtains are attached with velcro, no screws or something. Well, I'll get some more velcro and glue the rough part to the Ikea frame, I'm not hanging on the ceiling with tiny screws to fix the cloth. Idiots, real live idiots, those who invented it.