Friday, August 01, 2008

Rant time

No more organic matter today. Or, later on.

My book is out of print, hallelujah. Looks fine but the adrenaline surge of getting it finished is long gone. Hopefully it sells well. No pics, camera no worky.

Last week, relatives visited. My cousin with her new baby - well, the boy looked and behaved like any other 3-months old so no exciting story. The older boy spent quite some time chasing the cat and he was very disappointed that she didn't want to socialize with a screaming and stomping human kitten. After mz cousin left, auntie and other two brats cousins arrived. One spent a year in Britain, studying at University of Podunk. Before he went, I thought it would do him only good - a bit of detachment from mommy the emotional vampire, a bit of decent English, broader perspectives. Results: The boy wants to be an officer. He meant working in an office, not in the army, apparently. The boy never left Podunk because going those few miles to Leeds (or was it Manchester) would be too complicated and.... and anyway. All pics he made were his room,his kitchen, meals he cooked (I guess that for a mommy's boy, it was a grand experience. Aunt should get a high dose of feminist thinking. Or at least teach her sons to make bacon and eggs), groceries where he shopped - what an excitement, they have Tesco even in Britain. Yeah, and he bought a suit and a tie there, in which he spent most of the weekend. I wonder whether he was showing us, unworthy, his cultural superiority. The other cousin is doing his IT studies, wants to get his Bc. next year and then some nice job that would bring him, say, 1500 euros/month at the beginning. Brats, I said that.

I got my sanity back with M. and his trip to hunt some darn grass. He's a botanist, does his research, I go with him sometimes because it's fun, I learn things and.... and anyway.
The darn grass is called Brachypodium rupestre. Looks like grass - but I'm no good in grasses - and M. needs to know how many chromozomes it has.

I was told that I actually could go and study botany. That I ask much more sophisticated stupid questions than some 3rd year students ask:D

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